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Vintage Snowmobile Restoration (VSR) was started by A.J. and Cathy, avid snowmobilers who specialize in championship caliber snowmobile restorations.


The couple purchased the Polaris hood and pan molds from Arctic Restorations in an effort to maintain the highest possible quality of Polaris reproduction fiberglass.  Other high quality products are being routinely added, with a goal of making Vintage Snowmobile Restoration  a complete resource for your restoration needs.


A.J. has been involved with all aspects of snowmobiling since the mid-70s.  From racing, trail riding, mountain riding, his experience and love of the hobby has led him to this venture of vintage restoration and show.  His restored sleds have multiple national class championships, Waconia wins, best of shows and a National Sled of the year.  Now VSR customers are entering their restorations in the big shows, bringing top awards to these proud owners. Those restorations can be found throughout the US and Canada.


Cathy has been involved with snowmobiling for more than 25 years and has saddle bag trips, mountain riding, restoring, showing and retail on her resume.  She specializes in customer service, so if you're not comfortable ordering on-line, just give us a call.

Tim has been involved with restorations at VSR for many years and has become one of the elite restorers in the hobby.  Recently, he has been involved with new product development & testing.


Travis will be producing many of the fiberglass products and has significant experience in working with fiberglass and now has a successful fiberglass business.

Dwight, like Travis, is the owner of his own fiberglass business and will supply most of the products to VSR.  He also supplies products for Doo, Deere, Merc, and others.

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