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1976 Starfire (all sizes)
1978 Colt
Is interchangeable with other standard seats although fastening method slightly different than other seats.
Designed to withstand below zero temperatures without cracking or tearing
Heat formed to precisely fit the ORIGINAL seat foam and eliminate stitching.
Pleats are heat embossed into the material but can be pulled out if stretched too far. Call for tips to prevent stretching.
Textured and colored to match the OEM material.
Comes with extra material to ease in the installation.
These (along with our other seat covers) are from Dr. Mario. The starfire seat cover was designed to fit the OEM foam. There are reproduced foams available but SOME do not fit correctly (if at all). Those foams are a 2 dimensional shape while the original seat was tapered from the bottom to the top. I have seen some recent repop foams that are tapered and those should fit fine.

1976 Starfire Seat Cover - Pleated- Standard Length

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